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Check out our 1996 Technique photo, now on the web.

Here are some of the extra-special people on our hall:

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********************Like all groups on campus, we have some of our own jargon. This is the language spoken in Munroe. The other dialect, "Woodese," doesn't have a home page, because it is too cool for that and shit. ("Hey easy easy...")

For many years, EC 5west has essentially controlled the only important organs of student government on campus. We've fostered many EC presidents, lots of housecomm officers (currently 3 JudComm officers, and EC VP), as well as several DormCon officers.

Recently, 5w also began taking titles in non-governmental activities. Our 1995 C-League soccer team ran undefeated! We won the EC scavenger hunt, and dragged home several awards in the EC gong show. We've even been having some good parties, and getting off the hall a bit for once. Stop by and be social; it's the 5west way!

Okay, I'm hungry, so if you want to work on this home page, ask me some time. I'm Anders, by the way, your happy 5west hall Tariq. This counter installed March 3, 1996.