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5west is the fifth floor in the west parallel of a dual-building dorm called East Campus. That's East Campus Dorm at MIT for those of you who haven't been paying attention.

If you would like to visit our hall (and people are around all year long), please give us a call! You can contact us and we'll coordinate a short tour.

What is the hall physically like? Check out the color-coded, annotated floor-plan!

On our hall live a cross-section of the vast spectrum of people who study at MIT. We're got an equal number of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, not to mention our fair share of fifth year stragglers. We have a resident graduate "tutor", though little tutoring goes on. Pets are also fairly common, including fish and cats.

Our hall can be characterized as well balanced; lots of friendly people (and the ensuing socialization), spontaneous off-campus trips, leisurely movie-watching evenings, etc. And we manage to fair well enough in classes.

Click here for a list of our residents, past and present.

We maintain a list of contact information here.

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