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why 5west?

every year we have a thanksgiving feast, go on a camping trip in the white mountains, and bring lots of food outside for a spring picnic.

we like to play board games and wii late into the night.

many of us love to cook, and we all enjoy good food. we have a lot of events with food and go out to restaurants together.

one of our cats is the fluffiest cat in the world.

we have hall feeds every thursday to talk and have delicious food.

we have midnight tea every school night to take a break from studying and sometimes share a late-night snack.

we check in with all our hall members on tuesday nights and hand out cheese and cookies.

we have occasional Chill Party Times in people's rooms.

we have an awesome 4k TV that we use for watching movies and TV shows together.

we once had the "most fantastically *clean* kitchen" in east campus.

in the evenings one of our lounges becomes full of people psetting together - the "productivity lounge" - and the other of people procrastinating.

the cats roam the hall freely and are a great source of amusement and stress relief.

we have a secret forty-year-old tradition that takes place after the first snowfall - when there's enough snow to roll a snowball on the ledge.

we have some awesome cooks *cough joanna* who bake things for the hall.